Draft of the Main Point of the CLD Decision on the General Planning Commission

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 17 February 1921

First published in 1932 in Lenin Miscellany XX. Printed from the typed copy.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, 3nd English Printing, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 42, pages 271b-272a.

At the meeting of the Council of Labour and Defence on February 18 no decision on setting up such a commission was passed. A shorthand record of the meeting was not kept. Only Lenin’s brief notes of the debate and his notes for a winding-up speech have come down to us (see Lenin Miscellany XX, pp. 20-22). Judging by these notes and the article "Integrated Economic Plan" (see Vol. 32 of this edition, pp. 137-45) the speakers against a plannin commission were Y. Larin, V. P. Milyutin, N. Osinsky an A. I. Rykov. This question was referred to the Council of People’s Commissars. The present draft written by Lenin was incorporated completely in the "Regulations on the State Planning Commission", which were endorsed by the CPC on February 22, 1921, together with a list of commission members drawn up by Lenin (see Lenin Miscellany XX, p.. 24). The State Planning Commission was set up on the basis of the GOELRO (the State Commission for the Electrification of Russia) and headed by G. M. Krzhizhanovsky.

Personally to the Members of the CLD from Comrade Lenin

As I am submitting to the CLD tomorrow (18/1 L) a draft decision concerning a General Planning Commission, I herewith present to you, for your information, a draft of the main point of this decision and a preliminary list of members (drawn up after consultation with Comrades Rykov and Krzhizhanovsky)[1] . Please prepare your amendments or counter-proposals for the meeting of the CLD on 18/II.

A General Planning Commission is being set up under the CLD to work out an integrated state economic plan on the basis of the electrification plan approved by the Eighth All-Russia Congress of Soviets and to effect general supervision of this plan’s realisation.

The primary economic tasks, especially those which have to be carried out in the near future, in the course of 1921, are to be elaborated by the General Planning Commission or its subcommission in the greatest possible detail, full account being taken of prevailing economic conditions.

  1. See Lenin Miscellany XX, p. 24.—Ed.