Draft Resolution by Workers’ Organisations on the Slanderous Liquidators’ Charge Against Insurance Worker X

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A reference to B. G. Dansky (K. A. Komarovsky). He joined the RSDLP in 1911, contributed articles to Zvezda and Pravda and took p art in the insurance movement; in 1913 and 1914, he was on the Editorial Board of the Bolshevik journal Voprosy Strakhovaniya. In order to discredit the Bolsheviks, the liquidators accused Dansky of writing for the bourgeois press. A Party commission consisting of representatives of the Editorial Boards of the news paper Za Pravda and the journals Prosveshcheniye and Voprosy Strakhovaniya, the Russian Social-Democratic Labour group in the Duma, and Priboi Publishers examined the facts and established that after joining the Bolshevik Party Dansky had ceased writing for the bourgeois press; accordingly, it declared him to be an honest Party member, and the liquidators’ charges, libellous. Lenin also wrote about the case later, in the report of the RSDLP Central Committee at the Brussels Conference (see present edition, Vol. 20, p. 524). p. 296

Having examined the liquidators’ charge in their Novaya Rabochaya Gazeta against insurance worker X, and having obtained all the testimonials from the Editorial Board of the liquidators’ newspaper and from the Editorial Board of Za Pravdu, which on October 17 published the decision of a commission from five Marxist institutions, we, the board of such and such a league or society, find this decision correct and the liquidators’ campaign slanderous.

We urge workers, in order to safeguard their organisation from ruin, to boycott the slanderers, unless they make a firm and public retraction of their slanders.