Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Measures for Achieving Concentration of Production

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 11 May 1921

First published in 1959 in Lenin Miscellany XXXVI. Printed from the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, 3nd English Printing, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 42, pages 301b-302a.

This decision was passed by the Politbureau of the CC with slight amendments on May 11, 1921.

1) The CC of the Metalworkers’ Union and the All-Russia CCTU shall he directed to pay special attention to the swift implementation of the plan for closing down the greatest possible number of inefficient establishments with the aim of concentrating production in a small number of better organised enterprises.

The report on the exact plan, the closing down schedule

and actual fulfilment to be made by Shlyapnikov and Medvedev or their deputies

by Kubyako

and by Holtzmann

by Andreyev

to the Council of Labour and Defence within a month

2) Shlyapnikov shall be directed to elaborate more concretely the most important and quickly realisable proposals of his draft.