Draft Decision for the CPC on Advancing Money to Centrotextil

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This draft was adopted at a meeting of the CPC on June 15, 1918, on the question of advancing money to the Central Committee of the Textile Industry under the Supreme Economic Council (Centrotextil) for the purchase of flax (see also pp. 118-19 of the volume).

1) An advance of 50 million rubles shall be made to the Flax Department of Centrotextil.

2) The Commissariat for Food and the Military Commissariat shall be obliged within 3 days to submit precise information concerning their debt to Centrotextil

3) The Flax Department shall be obliged, within the same period, to present its accounts to all the commissariats which are indebted to it. From these accounts currency notes shall be issued as and when calls are received from Centrotextil for the purchase of raw material.

4) A commission shall be appointed to urgently examine the estimates, figures and office organisation of the Flax Department of Centrotextil and submit a report to the CPC

One representative each from the Commissariats for Finance, State Control and Food shall be appointed to the commission, the meeting of which is to be called by Comrade Lander. Deadline 3 days, as from Monday 17.VI.