Directive to the Commander-In-Chief, January 8, 1919

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On December 25, 1918, Kolchak’s troops occupied Perm. Having examined the letter from the Urals Regional Party Committee on the causes of the reverses of the 3rd Army, the CC, RCP(b) set up a Committee of Inquiry consisting of J. V. Stalin and F. E. Dzerzhinsky, which visited the 3rd Army early in January 1919.

Lenin’s directive was written in connection with a letter from Stalin and Dzerzhinsky in which they reported on the opening of the investigation and pointed out that in order to prevent the rapid advance of the enemy, it was essential to send urgently three reliable regiments to reinforce the 3rd Army.

On this subject, see also this volume, Documents 219, 251, and present edition, Vol. 28, p. 390.

We append three signatures of CC members to the demand of the two CC members, and forward this demand, as a demand of the Central Committee, to the military authorities for fulfilment.

Members of the CC, RCP

Moscow, 8. I. 1919


  1. There follow the signatures of Sverdlov and Smilga.—Ed.