Decision of the CPC on the Fight Against Kaledin

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Kaledin, A. M. (1861-1918)—a general of the tsarist army, Don Cossack chieftain. Active participant in the Kornilov revolt in August 1917. After the October Revolution he was one of the leaders of the Cossack counter-revolution on the Don.


Decision Of The CPC

The Council of People’s Commissars approves Comrade Antonov’s[1] vigorous measures against the Kaledinites and their accomplices, and at the same time rules that the Commander-in-Chief has the right to take repressive measures, including sentences of forced labour in the mines, against capitalist saboteurs who threaten to cause unemployment and famine.


Addendum To The Decision Of The CPC

As soon as it becomes possible to set up revolutionary tribunals they will immediately examine each case of forced labour assignment, and will either fix the term of such labour or release the persons from custody.

  1. ↑ Antonov-Ovsei,ienko, V. A. (1884-1939)—commanded the Soviet troops against Kaledin and the Central Ukrainian Rada at the end of 1917 and beginning of 1918. Murdered by the Stalinist bureaucracy during the final phases of the infamous Purge Trials of the 1930s.