Amendments and Remarks to the Draft Regulations on the Narrow CPC

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The new regulations governing the Narrow Council of People’s Commissars were endorsed by the CPC on October 31, 1922.

this is un-Russian10. All decisive resolutions of the Narrow
This is the wrong word, clerical or pertaining to clerical—would be betterCouncil of People’s Commissars, viz., those deciding a question in substance, other than those mentioned in Article 5, are referred to the CPC All particular decisions of an incidental nature, such as: sundry investigations, collection of necessary material, forwarding papers to the departments concerned all kinds of answers to inquiries from government departments addressed to the Narrow Council, as well as management and business affairs of the CPC are passed finally by the Narrow Council in its own name and are not referred to the Large Council.

+ I advise the addition of: a representative of the Moscow Soviet must always be called in on all questions that concern him.

+ all the People’s Commissariats concerned must always be called in.