A Note to the Editors of Proletarskaya Pravda, Second half of December, 1913

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Proletarskaya Pravda—one of the names of Pravda.—Ed.

This article is marked with three Ks (KKK).[1] The boycott slogan should be given everywhere, but precisely in such a form, and only in such a form, without using the word boycott.

For the sake of all the gods that be, don’t be drawn into giving “scathing” answers to such gentlemen!

  1. Apparently this refers to an article by Lenin in connection with the decision of the December meeting of the I.S.B. and the slanderous campaign which the liquidationist newspapers raised around the resolution of the meeting calling for a “unity” conference of the RSDLP
    The decision of the Cracow meeting of the CC, RSDLP with Party functionaries “On the Reorganisation and the Work of the Editorial Board of the Newspaper Pravda” stated that all “articles, which the CC considers obligatory for publication, should be published immediately (over an agreed signature)” (Lenin, Collected Works, Fifth [Russian] Ed., Vol. 22, p. 270). This agreed signature were the letters “KKK”. The CC of the RSDLP reaffirmed this decision at its meeting in December 1913: “The for mer ruling to the effect that articles sent in over the prearranged letters are to be published immediately and without modification remains in force” (Istorichesky Arkhiv No. 4, 1959, p. 42).