The Unification of the Chinese Opposition

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Author(s) Chen Duxiu
Written May 1931

From The Militant, Vol. IV No. 12, 15 June 1931, p. 5.
Keywords : China, Communism, Trotskyism

Dear Comrades of the Secretariat and Trotsky:

The Unification Conference of the Chinese Opposition took place on the historical day of May First in Shanghai. Seventeen representatives were present, and in addition from delegates with advisory rights. They represented a total of 483 members (all of four groups). The Conference adopted our common platform and other resolutions which were worked out by the unification commission. A National Executive Committee (consisting of nine members and four candidates) was elected, from which a Secretariat of five was chosen. The name of our organization was made “The Left Opposition of the Chinese Communist Party”. Its organ is to be called Spark. Our platform and resolutions will be translated into European languages in the nearest future.

The Chinese Opposition has been united. This has provoked a great deal of attention both from the reaction and from the working masses. We believe that under the leadership of the International Left Opposition, it can and will carry on its great historical task. We hope that between the Secretariat and the Chinese section there will be a constant and close relation.

The news about the burning of comrade Trotsky’s library was brought us by the bourgeois press and confirmed by your circular. We have appointed a special committee for contributions.

With Opposition greetings,

Secretariat of the Left Opposition of the Chinese Communist Party

Secretary, Tchen Du-Siu