Meeting of Sub-Committee, September 11, 1871

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First published in English in The General Council of the First International. 1870-1871. Minutes, Moscow, 1967, p. 320.

Monday 11th September 1871 at 1 Maitland Park

Serraillier in the Chair. Engels appointed Secretary.

Proposed by Engels, seconded by Hales that the Bill of Mr. Truelove[1] £25 11.6 be passed, reserving the question of the price of the handbills and the 5th Thousand copies.[2] Adopted unanimously.

Proposed by Engels, seconded by Eccarius: that Mr. Truelove be paid £10.—on account and the payment of the rest be delayed until he shall have handed in an account of copies sold. Adopted unanimously.

Proposed by Marx, seconded by Longuet: that the General Council be requested, to avoid all misunderstandings, to declare at the opening of the Conference: that a Conference is nothing but a meeting of delegates from various countries called to consult and decide together with the General Council, on administrative measures rendered necessary by extraordinary circumstances.[3]

Hales proposed, Longuet seconded: that the General Council recommend the formation of an English Federal Council. Withdrawn to be submitted to General Council tomorrow.

Marx proposes, Jung seconds: that the formation of working women’s sections be recommended.[4]

  1. In a letter to Marx of August 9, 1871, Truelove informed him that 200 copies of the first edition of The Civil War in France had not been sold out, of the second — 600 copies, and all the copies of the third edition remained with him. In a letter of September 4, Truelove again requested payment of the bill.
  2. Of the third edition of The Civil War in France.—Ed.
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