Zhang Shenfu

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 Zhang Shenfu textsDate
 The Great Inappropriateness of Women's EmancipationOct 1919

ZHANG SHENFU (1893-1986), alias Zhang Songnian, was a European-educated scholar and one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party. He actively participated in the major events in post-Imperial China. In 1925, he left the Communist Party. He later became professor of Western philosophy and mathematical logic at Qinghua (Tsinghua) University. Zhang was politically disgraced and labeled a Rightist in 1957 and was rehabilitated in 1981. His lifelong personal friendship with Zhou Enlai started in their student days in France and Germany. His common-law wife for three decades, from the 1920s to the late 1940s, was Liu Qingyang, one of the May Fourth intellectual leaders, a seasoned feminist and early Communist member in Europe.