Chen Wangdao

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Date of birth 1891
Date of death 1977

 Chen Wangdao textsDate of writing
I Think (Chen Wangdao)15 November 1920
The Incident of Miss Xi Shangzhen's Suicide at the Office of the Commercial Press20 September 1922

CHEN WANGDAO (1891-1977) was a founding member of the Shanghai cell of the Chinese Communist Party in 1920. He became politically active at the First Normal School in Hangzhou and published the first complete Chinese translation of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto in April 1920. He established the Communist publications Labor World and Communist Party and edited several other periodicals, including New Youth, Awakening, and Women's Critic. Though interested in feminist issues, Chen often criticized the women's movement for neglecting class issues. In the People's Republic of China, he served as minister of culture, president of Fudan University, and vice-director of the Chinese Democratic League.