Underlinings and An Instruction on Ivan Nikitich Smirnov’s Telegram, July 11, 1920

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Copy to Tsyurupa, People’s Commissariat for Food

Omsk, July 9. Half of the Altai and Tomsk gubernias are in the grip of a kulak movement which we are suppressing by force of arms. The cause of the insurrection is lack of commodities. From the insurgent kulaks we are confiscating grain, the whole of which has not been threshed. Work hands should be sent out urgently to thresh and load; unless you send workers we shall not be able to take the grain. A minimum of 7,000 is required at once for the Altai alone. If you are late, the opportunity will be lost. Ascertain the possibility and inform us; if you cannot send them, we shall immediately cancel the order for confiscation, because the kulaks will burn grain that is unthreshed and unguarded.


Chairman of the Siberian

Revolutionary Committee

I insist on all possible help. Directive from the CC— make every haste. We are sending people.

Tsyurupa, Schmidt (Commissariat for Labour) and Chief Labour Committee:

Send at once, extremely urgent, exert every effort.