Telegram to the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, December 27, 1918

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27. XII. 1918

Revolutionary Military Council


I fully agree with Trotsky’s telegram on fraternisation.[1] Please urgently draft an instruction on fraternisation and especially encourage it on the Northern Front.


Chairman, Council of People’s Commissars

  1. ↑ In his telegram to Lenin and to the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic dated December 20, 1918, Trotsky, commenting on the apprehensions of Commander-in-Chief Vatsetis regarding fraternisation, wrote of its significance, particularly on the Northern Front, where there were American, British and French troops. At the same time, in order to put a stop to enemy agitation among Red Army men and to prevent the weakening of the fighting efficiency of the Red Army units, the telegram proposed that fraternisation should be carried out in an organised manner under the surveillance and control of responsible functionaries, primarily political commissars.