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NonavailableTexts with keyword ''Russian Revolution''AuthorDate of writing
Draft Resolution On Freedom Of The PressLenin17 November 1917
Draft Resolution on the Present Political SituationLenin16 September 1917
Draft Statement by the CC RSDLP(b) and the Bureau of the Bolshevik Group to the All-Russia Congress of Soviets Regarding the Ban on the DemonstrationLenin24 June 1917
Draft Theses, March 17, 1917Lenin4 March 1917
Draft of A Telegram to The Petrograd WorkersLenin22 May 1918
Economic Dislocation and the Proletariat’s Struggle Against ItLenin17 June 1917
Experience TeachesLenin19 January 1913
Extraordinary All-Russia Railwaymen’s Congress (January 1918)Lenin5 January 1918
Extraordinary Sixth All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Workers’, Peasants’, Cossacks’and Red Army DeputiesLenin6 November 1918
Farewell Letter to the Swiss WorkersLenin26 March 1917
Fear Of The Collapse Of Tile Old And The Fight For Tile NewLenin6 January 1918
First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLenin3 June 1917
First All-Russian Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLenin4 May 1917
First Congress of the Communist InternationalLenin2 March 1919
Five Years of the Russian RevolutionLeon Trotsky24 November 1922
Foiled!Lenin15 September 1903
Foreword to the Pamphlet "How the Socialist Revolutionaries Cheated the People and What the New Bolshevik Government Has Given the People"Lenin9 November 1917
Foreword to the Pamphlet "Material on the Agrarian Question"Lenin7 December 1917
Forward! (June 1917)Leon Trotsky2 July 1917
Fourth Anniversary of the October RevolutionLenin14 October 1921
Fourth Conference Of Trade Unions and Factory Committees Of MoscowLenin27 June 1918
Friends MeetLenin13 September 1905
From a Publicist’s Diary (Peasants and Workers)Lenin11 September 1917
From a Publicist’s Diary, December 24–27, 1917Lenin24 December 1917
From a Publicist’s Diary, September 14, 1917Lenin14 September 1917
From the Camp of the Stolypin “Labour” Party (December 8, 1911)Lenin8 December 1911
From the Defensive to the OffensiveLenin13 September 1905
Great Days (1919)Leon TrotskyMay 1919
Hands Off! (1906)Lenin8 September 1906
Has Dual Power Disappeared?Lenin20 May 1917
Heroes of Fraud and the Mistakes of the BolsheviksLenin22 September 1917
Historical Objectiveness ...Leon Trotsky1 April 1933
History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-LitovskLeon Trotsky12 February 1918
How Comrade Plekhanov Argues About Social-Democratic TacticsLenin26 May 1906
How Not to Write ResolutionsLenin19 March 1907
How One Should Not Write the History of OctoberUnknown1925
How the Capitalists Are Trying to Scare the PeopleLenin19 May 1917
How to Guarantee the Success of the Constituent AssemblyLenin28 September 1917
I. G. Tsereteli and the Class StruggleLenin29 April 1917
In Defence Of October. Speech delivered in Copenhagen, November 1932Leon TrotskyNovember 1932
In Reply To Questions Put By Karl WiegandLenin18 February 1920
In The Servants’ QuartersLeninJuly 1919
In the Wake of the Monarchist Bourgeoisie, or In the Van of the Revolutionary Proletariat and Peasantry?Lenin23 August 1905
Interview Granted To An Izvestia Correspondent In Connection With The Left Socialist-Revolutionary RevoltLenin8 July 1918
Interview for the New York Herald on the Kronstadt RevoltLenin15 March 1921
Introduction to the book by John Silas Reed: Ten Days that Shook the WorldLenin1919
Is This the Turn of the Tide?Lenin16 November 1910
L. N. TolstoyLenin16 November 1910
Lecture on the 1905 RevolutionLenin9 January 1917
Lenin - The RevolutionLeon Trotsky1925