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NonavailableTexts with keyword "Election"AuthorDate
Letter to Johann Philipp Becker, December 5, 1885Friedrich EngelsDec 1885
Letter to Karl Kautsky, August 12, 1892Friedrich EngelsAug 1892
Letter to Karl Kautsky, June 26, 1894Friedrich EngelsJun 1894
Letter to Karl Marx, April 27, 1867Friedrich EngelsApr 1867
Letter to Karl Marx, August 11, 1881Friedrich EngelsAug 1881
Letter to Karl Marx, July 3, 1861Friedrich EngelsJul 1861
Letter to Karl Marx, July 30, 1862Friedrich EngelsJul 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, June 11, 1863Friedrich EngelsJun 1863
Letter to Karl Marx, May 23, 1862Friedrich EngelsMay 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, May 5, 1862Friedrich EngelsMay 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, November 15, 1862Friedrich EngelsNov 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, November 18, 1868Friedrich EngelsNov 1868
Letter to Karl Marx, November 24, 1847Friedrich EngelsNov 1847
Letter to Karl Marx, November 29, 1869Friedrich EngelsNov 1869
Letter to Leo Frankel and Louis Eugène Varlin, May 13, 1871Karl MarxMay 1871
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, April 6, 1868Karl MarxApr 1868
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 19, 1874Karl MarxJan 1874
Letter to Paul Lafargue, February 25, 1893Friedrich EngelsFeb 1893
Letter to Paul Lafargue, May 11, 1889Friedrich EngelsMay 1889
Letter to Reg Groves, November 14, 1933Leon TrotskyNov 1933
Letter to Wilhelm Liebknecht, April 6, 1871Karl MarxApr 1871
Letter to Wilhelm Liebknecht, December 1, 1885Friedrich EngelsDec 1885
Letter to Wilhelm Liebknecht, about May 25, 1865Karl MarxMay 1865
Note to Hermann Jung about Ernest Jones’ Letter to the Central Council Meeting March 21, 1865Karl Marx
First International
Mar 1865
Note to the Article “The St. Petersburg Election”LeninOct 1909
On Elections to the Moscow Committee. Speech delivered at the Moscow Gubernia Conference of the RCP(b)LeninNov 1920
On the Report of the Moscow District of St. Petersburg Concerning the Elections to the Second DumaLeninFeb 1907
Parties in the Petrograd District Council ElectionsLeninMay 1917
Postscript to the Article: “The Social-Democrats and the Election Campaign”LeninNov 1906
Preface to the Russian Translation of W. Liebknecht's Pamphlet: No Compromises, No Electoral AgreementsLeninDec 1907
Protest of the Democratic Society in Cologne against the Incorporation of Posen in the German ConfederationKarl MarxAug 1848
Remarks on the Question of Elections to the Bulygin DumaLeninAug 1905
Reorganisation and the End of the Split in St. PetersburgLeninApr 1907
Report at a Conference of the St. Petersburg Organisation of the RSDLP on Electoral Agreements in Elections for the Second DumaLeninJan 1907
Report to the International Socialist Bureau, “Elections to the Fourth Duma”LeninNov 1912
Resolutions on the Composition of the Provisional Central Council (November 1864)Karl Marx
First International
Nov 1865
Result of the Election (April 1857)Karl MarxApr 1857
Result of the Elections (August 16, 1852)Karl MarxAug 1852
Results of the Elections (1913)LeninJan 1913
Should We Boycott the State Duma?LeninJan 1906
Sitting of the National Council (Berne, 1848)Friedrich EngelsNov 1848
Some Conclusions to be Drawn from the Pre-Election MobilisationLeninMay 1912
Some Figures on the Elections in the Worker Curia in South RussiaLeninFeb 1907
Spain: Tactics Flowing from the Election ResultsLeon TrotskyJul 1931
State of Europe (Financial State of France)Karl MarxJul 1857
Tactics of the RSDLP in the Election CampaignLeninFeb 1907
Telegram to the Chairman of the Simbirsk Soviet, April 20, 1918LeninApr 1918
Telegram to the Committee for Elections to the Constituent Assembly, December 13, 1917LeninDec 1917
The American Presidential Election (1892)Friedrich EngelsNov 1892
The Attitude of the Bourgeois Parties and of the Workers’ Party to the Duma ElectionsLeninDec 1906