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NonavailableTexts with keyword ''Bolshevism''AuthorDate of writing
First Congress of the Communist InternationalLenin2 March 1919
For the Attention of Luch and Pravda ReadersLenin5 May 1913
Foreword to the Pamphlet "How the Socialist Revolutionaries Cheated the People and What the New Bolshevik Government Has Given the People"Lenin9 November 1917
From the CC of the RSDLP (b), November 5-6, 1917 (1)Lenin18 November 1917
From the CC of the RSDLP (b), November 5-6, 1917 (2)Lenin18 November 1917
From the Theses for a Report at the October 8 Conference of the St. Petersburg Organisation, and Also for a Resolution and Instructions to Those Elected to the Party CongressLenin29 October 1917
Hands Off Rosa Luxemburg!Leon Trotsky28 June 1932
Heroes of Fraud and the Mistakes of the BolsheviksLenin22 September 1917
How the Bourgeoisie Utilises RenegadesLenin20 September 1919
How the Congress was ConstitutedLenin14 May 1905
Ideological Decay and Disunity Among Russian Social-DemocratsLeninNovember 1909
Impending DebacleLenin14 May 1917
Imperialist War and the Question of PeaceRoman Rosdolsky1973
In Defence Of October. Speech delivered in Copenhagen, November 1932Leon TrotskyNovember 1932
In The Servants’ QuartersLeninJuly 1919
In the Footsteps of Russkaya VolyaLenin13 April 1917
Inquiry of the CPC to The CC of the Left SR PartyLenin15 January 1918
Insertion for L. B. Kamenev’s Pamphlet Two PartiesLenin20 July 1911
InsinuationsLenin11 June 1917
Instructions Of The Central Committee To Communists Working In The People’s Commissariat For EducationLenin5 February 1921
Instructive SpeechesLeninJuly 1913
International Working Women’s DayLenin4 March 1921
Interview with the Manchester GuardianLenin21 October 1919
Introduction to the Pamphlet Two PartiesLenin20 July 1911
Introduction to “The Errors of Trotskyism”British Communist Party
John Thomas Murphy
May 1925
Lessons of the Revolution (1917)LeninJuly 1917
Letter to A. A. Bogdanov and S. I. Gusev, February 11, 1905Lenin11 February 1905
Letter to Bolshevik Party Members, October 1917Lenin18 October 1917
Letter to Central Committee Members, November 6, 1917Lenin6 November 1917
Letter to Draft of a Letter to the “Trustees”, February-Early March, 1910LeninFebruary 1910
Letter to Huysmans, Secretary of the International Socialist Bureau, March 1912LeninMarch 1912
Letter to Iskra, November 1903Lenin25 November 1903
Letter to Ivan Radchenko, July 22, 1902Lenin22 July 1902
Letter to J. V. Stalin For Members of The CC, RCP(b)Lenin15 December 1922
Letter to Members of the Majority Committees and all Active Supporters of the Majority in Russia with the Text of a Letter to Lydia Fotiyeva, August 28, 1904Lenin28 August 1904
Letter to Participants in the Conference of the Southern Committees and the Southern Bureau of the CC, RSDLP, October 5, 1904Lenin5 October 1904
Letter to Pyotr Zalutsky, Aaron Solts and all members of the Political Bureau Re The party purge and the conditions of admission into the partyLenin19 November 1921
Letter to RCP organisations on preparations for the Party CongressLenin2 March 1920
Letter to Vladimir Noskov, September 11, 1904Lenin11 September 1904
Letter to the Bolshevik Comrades Attending the Congress of Soviets of The Northern RegionLeninOctober 1917
Letter to the Bolshevik Deputies in the Fourth State Duma, June 30, 1913Lenin17 June 1913
Letter to the Bolshevik Deputies of the Fourth Duma, December 17, 1912Lenin17 December 1912
Letter to the Bolshevik Deputies of the Fourth Duma, January 25, 1913Lenin25 January 1913
Letter to the CC of the RCP(b), May 3, 1918Lenin3 May 1918
Letter to the CC of the RCP, May 4, 1918Lenin4 May 1918
Letter to the Central Committee of the RSDLP(b), November 1, 1917Lenin1 November 1917
Letter to the District Committees of the Petrograd Organisation of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks)Lenin1925
Letter to the Economic Commission of the Bolshevik Centre, Not earlier than October, 1909LeninOctober 1909
Letter to the Executive of the German Social-Democratic Party, March 2, 1913Lenin2 March 1913
Letter to the Group of Bolshevik Members of the Executive of the MetalWorkers’ Trade Union, June 16, 1913Lenin16 June 1913