Notes at a Meeting of Delegates to The Second All-Russia Congress of Communist Organisations of the Peoples of the East

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This congress, convened by the Central Bureau of Communist Organisations of the Peoples of the East under the CC, RCP(b), was held in Moscow from November 22 to December 3, 1919. On the eve of the congress, November 21, a preliminary meeting of Central Committee members with a group of delegates was held with Lenin presiding. The congress was attended by 71 voting delegates and 11 delegates with a consultative voice. On the opening day of the congress Lenin delivered a report on the current situation (see present edition, Vol. 30, pp. 151-62). The resolution adopted on his report was submitted to the pre-sidium for concretisation and drafting of the chief theses that should serve as a basis for work in the East”. The congress heard the report on the work of the Central Bureau of Communist Organ-isations of the Peoples of the East, reports from the local areas, the report of the Central Moslem Military Collegiurn and others. The congress outlined the tasks in the field of Party and Soviet work in the East and elected a new Central Bureau.

Meeting 21/XI.1919[edit source]

A) Basic tasks: fundamental significance of the communist organisations and parties of the East.
B) Party-organisational questions.
Combine territorial principle with exterritorial +Exterritoriality?C) State-administrative questions.
D) Concrete questions of each nation, according to the extent of its development, its special features, etc.
+ Closest alliance with the Russian working masses.E) Methods and measures of contact with the poor, with the working people, with the exploited of every nation against its bureaucrats, feudalists, bourgeoisie.