Markings on a Telegram from Inza and a Note to Nikolai Bryukhanov, Varlam Avanesov and Vyacheslav Molotov, July 24, 1921

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The peasants of Samara and Simbirsk gubernias have expressed a great desire to work in harvesting teams in the grain-producing gubernias, and are acting as inspector-agitators in the collection of the tax in kind in the grain-producing gubernias. The speediest solution of the question is desirable. Inform Samara and Simbirsk of this....


Chairman, All-Russia CEC Commission

Bryukhanov, Avanesov and Molotov Please arrange a small conference on the underscored (XX) most important question: Bryukhanov + Avanesov + Molotov and pass through the CLD right away. This is extremely important. It is necessary and useful.

24/VII. Lenin