Letter to the State Publishing House and to Yevgeni Preobrazhensky and Nikolai Bukharin, August 8, 1920

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A vast amount of material, particularly on the foreign policy of the Entente, is published every week in our newspapers and in foreign ones (not only communist, but also bourgeois papers of various countries).

This material (see also the Bulletin of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs) is lost for international communist agitation; yet it is extremely valuable.

I suggest that a committee be set up to summarise this material and publish monthly booklets.

The content: the facts of the foreign policy of the Entente (plunder; wars; insurrections; financial strangulation).

The number of copies: as small as possible, since the main aim is translation into other languages.

A subcommittee of a few professors should (under strict control) collect all that is valuable, particularly from the bourgeois newspapers (which best of all expose their “ rivals”).

A committee of Party comrades will read the professors’ manuscripts to correct them, and make the professors do that.

Newspapers get lost; booklets will remain, and will help the foreign comrades.

Your opinion, please.

August 8, 1920