Letter to the Orgbureau of the RCP(b) CC, July 8, 1921

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 8 July 1921

First published in 1959 in Lenin Miscellany XXXVI. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1976, Moscow, Volume 45, page 204b.

Comrade Molotov:

I request the Orgbureau or the CC Secretariat (with subsequent approval by the Politbureau over the telephone) to allow me a month’s holiday, in accordance with Dr. Getier’s orders, with attendance of Politbureau, CPC and CLD sittings for two or three hours a day, two or three times a week. I shall inform Comrade Molotov (within a few days) about the date of my holiday.[1]



  1. A reference to Lenin’s amendments to the draft theses of the SEC on implementing the principles of the New Economic Policy; the draft was adopted by the SEC Presidium on July 6, 1921 (see Lenin Miscellany XX, pp. 102–06). The text of the draft with Lenin’s amendments was sent to G. M. Krzhizhanovsky, I. T. Smilga, N. P. Bryukhanov, A. M. Lezhava, V. A. Avanesov and V. V. Schmidt. On July 11, the SEC Presidium again examined the draft theses, approved them and passed them on for discussion by the Politbureau of the RCP(b) Central Committee. On July 12, 1921, the SEC theses were examined by the CPC, and on July 16, by the Politbureau of the RCP(b) CC The latter adopted the theses as a basis and appointed a commission to edit them. The commission produced a new variant, to which Lenin also made his amendments (see Collected Works, Fifth (Russian) Edition, Vol. 44, p. 73). This draft was discussed on July 23 at a meeting of the communist group of the Central Committees of the trade unions, the Presidium of the Moscow Gubernia T.U.C., and representatives of Petrograd trade unions. The meeting adopted the theses as a basis and appointed a commission which, together with the Party CC commission, worked out a final text. On August 9, this was adopted by a plenum of the Party Central Committee, and on the same day given legislative form through the CPC as “CPC Instructions on Implementing the Principles of the New Economic Policy” (see Direktivy KPSS i Sovetskogo pravitelstva po khozyaistvennym voprosam [Directives of the CPSU and the Soviet Government on Economic Questions], Vol. 1, Moscow, 1957, pp. 254–59).
    See also this volume, Documents 240, 241 and 242.