Letter to the Editorial Boards of Pravda and Izvestia, May 9, 1921

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May 9, 1921

I request you to pay particular attention to the article in Posledniye Novosti[1] (Paris) No. 309:

“Milyukov and Avksentyev among the Americans”.

It is essential systematically to record such articles and paragraphs; there is a mass of them; they should be summarised, impressing on our departments and on the reading public among the workers and peasants

that the more intelligent whiteguard bourgeoisie understands perfectly well the importance of concessions and foreign trade to Soviet power

and therefore makes it its main task now to thwart trade agreements between the RSFSR and foreign states, to frustrate the policy of concessions.

Please drop me a line on this question.

With communist greetings,


  1. ↑ Posledniye Novosti (Latest News)—whiteguard Ă©migrĂ© daily paper, organ of the counter-revolutionary Constitutional-Democratic Party (Cadets); published in Paris from April 1920 to July 1940. Its editor was P. N. Milyukov.