Letter to Nikolai Bryukhanov, Pavel Ivanovich Popov, Varlam Avanesov and Mikhail Vladimirsky, November 12, 1920

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At the top of the letter, Lenin wrote ,to his secretary: “Have this typed, and return to me for signature.”—Ed.

Comrades Bryukhanov




Perhaps we could establish the following order concerning the number of workers’ supply rations:

1) Establish the minimum number of rations in numerical order, say:

ration No. 1 ordinary, minimum

” No. 2 so much higher

” No. 3

. . . . . . . .etc., up to No. 10, the highest ration, if the total number of rations could be confined to 10.

2) Determine monthly how many consumers (industrial or office workers plus members of their families) are receiving under each ration.

If we managed to do this, we could first find out exactly how many ration groups there are;

Second, we could easily switch separate groups from one ration to another;

And third, we should always know how much has actually been issued and to how many workers.