Letter to Joseph Stalin for the RCP(b) CC Secretariat, May 21, 1922

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Comrade Stalin:

Please pass on for decision by the CC Secretariat (or the Orgbureau; I do not know whose competence this is) the following petition of mine:

to send the surgeon, V. N. Rozanov, physician of the Soldatenkovskaya Hospital, for leave in Riga in July, together with his son.

This is the request I had from V. N. Rozanov, who has not charged me any fees now, as he had not done in 1918, although he has been to see me repeatedly. Comrade Semashko says that he is the best surgeon, but has little rest.

This is why I request; that he should be granted this holiday, and ask that a secretary should be assigned to inform me of the decision of the Orgbureau or the CC Secretariat.[1]

21/IV.1922. Lenin

  1. On May 23, 1922, the Secretariat of the RCP(b) Central Committee decided to meet Lenin’s request to send surgeon V. N. Rozanov and his son for a holiday in Riga. Rozanov later recalled this in his reminiscences of Lenin (see Vospominaniya o V. I. Lenine, Part 2, Moscow, 1957, pp. 406–07).