Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, Prior to August 19, 1915

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Return Peuple. Good about Vandervelde, eh? Such will be the tactics of all of them.

I haven’t a single line from Radek and Karpinsky. It’s baffling! I am writing them.

Grimm phoned to say that the Vorkonferenz has been put off till 5.IX and that Zetkin has asked him from prison to send her the resolution of the minority at the Berne Conference.[1] I have sent the Russian text. If you have the German, send it to Grimm.

We shall send Jaurès after we have read it.[2]

I have given “J’accuse” to Radek.[3]

Return Kolb.[4]

From the Dutch—nil!!

P.S. I advise putting it in (see the text), having the German expressions translated.

I don’t see why you should defend the Japanese. Alexander writes indignant letters, and be has a right to be indignant. Adopted decisions should be carried out: it was decided (3 weeks ago) within a week!! And now within another month!???

They’re cheats, and I’m not going to wink at their cheating. I have a right to demand and will demand from them statements in writing and secretaries’ minutes of general decisions (so that we can catch the cheats, who want to break away and throw the blame onto us!).

Are they leaving? When? Or not? Two fools engaged in counting money could have figured out in 3 months how much 100 rubles is worth in frs. or how much No. 1 costs. These are just flimsy excuses—it’s simply ridiculous. They will be getting 10 frs. a time from Russia, feeding us with promises and fooling the shippers!! Adopting decisions just to fool us!! No, they won’t get away with this.


N.B. Bukharin occasionally (pp. 133, 132, 129 in the sub-headings) leaves the old expression social-state trust (corrected in other places to state-capitalist trust).[5]

Is this an oversight or deliberate??

You write that you are keeping notes, “hoping to secure it”. Fulfilment of old decisions?? By what means?? By “talks”?

I don’t agree to such relations.

P.S. Sheets (and leaflets) should be written and sent to Alexander.

  1. See V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, Fifth (Russian) Ed., Vol. 26, pp. 206–08.—Ed.
  2. This refers to the book by Charles Rappoport Jean Jaurès. L’Homme. Le Penseur. Le Socialiste, Paris, 1915.
  3. This refers to Émile Zola’s open letter to President of the French Republic François-Félix Faure in connection with the Dreyfus affair.
  4. A reference to the pamphlet by Wilhelm Kolb, Die Sozial-demokratie am Scheidewege, Karlsruhe, 1915. The pamphlet was criticised by Lenin in his article “Wilhelm Kolb and Georgi Plekhanov” (see present edition, Vol. 22, pp. 141–42).
  5. This refers to Bukharin’s article “World Economy and Imperialism”