Instruction on Zalygin's Telegram, February, Not earlier than 24, 1920

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Comrade Lenin, Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars


Simakov, Chairman of the Bolkhov Uyezd Party Committee, was married in church to the daughter of a capitalist hostage. At a general meeting of the Communists of the Bolkhov organisation I proposed that for undermining Party principles Chairman Simakov should be expelled from the Party. The proposal was adopted and Simakov was expelled from the Party. Some members of the Party Committee adhered to their own opinion and called in Comrade Pakun, representative of the Orel Gubernia Committee. The decision of the meeting was annulled. For putting forward my proposal I was arrested a few days later and am now in prison. I ask for your assistance.


Head of the Uyezd Department

of Education

The arrested man to be released at once. An explanation giving reasons for the arrest to be sent by telegraph and all the case papers to be mailed to the Central Committee.