From the Minute Book of the General Council. Central Council Meetings (September 1865)

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Meeting of Central Council September 5, 1865[edit source]

The minutes are in Cremer’s hand on p. 71 of the Minute Book.

The President [Odger] in the chair.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The Secretary brought up the reply of the Committee to Citizen Walton’s communication in reference to the Bee-Hive.

Citizens Wheeler and Morgan proposed the adoption of the report.

Citizen Jung read two passages from Swiss papers relative to the Association.

Citizen Perchelet on the proposition of Citizens Jung and Bordage was elected on the Council.

Citizen Morgan gave a report of a visit to the BootClosers who had requested a deputation to attend at their next summoned meeting.

Citizen Mantz was nominated on the Central Council by Citizens Wheeler and Eccarius.

Citizens Duthy and Cheval attended as delegates from Belgium to ask if there was any objection to the Belgians electing their own officers.[127]

Citizen Carter proposed, Eccarius seconded:

That branches have the power to elect their own officers

subject to the approval of the Central Council. Carried unanimously.

The delegates were also requested to attend the Standing Committee at their next sitting. The Council then adjourned till September 12th.

G. ODGER, President

Meeting of Central Council September 12, 1865[edit source]

The minutes are in Cremer’s hand on pp. 71-72 of the Minute Book.

The President in the chair.

The minutes of the former meeting were read and confirmed.

A letter was read from Citizen Wheeler stating his inability to continue as Treasurer to the Association in consequence of his increased duties in connection with his daily duties.

Several members expressed their regret that Citizen Wheeler had resigned but as the announcement of Citizen

Wheeler was positive, no alternative was left them but to accept his resignation which was accordingly done, after which Citizens Marx and Eccarius proposed that Citizen Dell be elected treasurer and that for the future the offices of treasurer and financial secretary be rolled into one. Carried unanimously.

Citizen Mantz was elected a member of the Central Council on the motion of Citizens Dell and Cremer.

Lubez and Carter nominated Citizen Pierre VĂ©sinier as a member of the Central Council.

A discussion then took place as to the forthcoming conference taken part in by Marx, Weston, Lubez, Cremer, and on the motion of Citizen Lubez, seconded by Mantz, the further consideration of the question was adjourned till the 19th inst., the meeting to be special for the consideration of the conference.

The Council then adjourned till the 19th.

WILLIAM DELL, President pro tem.

Meeting of the Central Council September 19, 1865[edit source]

The minutes are in Cremer’s hand on pp. 72-73 of the Minute Book.

In the absence of the President, [Odger] Citizen Dell was unanimously voted to the chair.

The Secretary [Cremer] read the minutes of the last meeting which were confirmed.

Citizen Marx proposed, Citizen Carter seconded, that Citizen Bobczynski be elected a member of the Central Council. Carried unanimously.

The Secretary read a letter from Glasgow from Citizen McColman accepting the position assigned him by the Central Council, viz., that of corresponding secretary for Glasgow, and promising to do his best to advance the interests of the Association.

Citizen Marx announced that no delegates from Germany would attend the conference, but that a report of the doings in Germany would be sent him which he would read to the conference.[128] He had also sent [a letter] to Ernest Jones asking him to be present and speak at the soirée.[129]

Citizen Jung read a letter from Switzerland in which it was announced that two delegates had been elected and would attend the conference.[130]

The question of the reorganisation of the Standing Committee was then brought up by the Secretary from the Standing Committee who recommended the Central Council to appoint the following members to constitute the Standing Committee: Odger, Eccarius, Dupont, Marx, Jung, Dell, Howell, Fox, Weston.[131]

Agreed to, and on the motion of Cremer, seconded by Lessner, Citizen Bobczynski was also elected a member of the Standing Committee to represent the Polish section of the Association.

It was then agreed that the Continental delegates should go to Citizen Bolleter’s and Lardaux’s to board and lodge.

Citizen Dell offered to provide for the expenses of one of the delegates.

Citizen Bobczynski contributed one pound towards the expenses of the delegates.

The question of the expenses of the conference was then discussed.

The Standing Committee recommended that members of the Central Council contribute as far as they can to the expenses of the conference. Agreed to.

Several members of the Central Council contributed towards the expenses.

Mr. Tripp was engaged as M. C. for the soirée.

Citizen Lubez proposed, Carter seconded, that Citizen VĂ©sinier be elected on the Central Council.

It was then determined that all the tickets for the soirée be returned or paid for on the third Tuesday after the soirée.

The Standing Committee recommended to the Central Council to agree to the following as a recommendation to the conference:

The Central Council shall in 1866 convoke a general congress unless unforeseen circumstances shall necessitate its further postponement. Carried unanimously.

Lubez proposed that each question on the programme be left to some one member to be named by the Central Council.

Carter seconded but ultimately the proposition was withdrawn in favour of the following by Citizen Carter, seconded by Weston:

That the views expressed here tonight be considered by the Standing Committee.[132]

The Council then adjourned to .... [date not indicated]

G. ODGER, President