Direct-line conversation with L. D. Trotsky, Chairman of the Soviet Peace Delegation at Brest-Litovsk

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January 3 (16), 1918

1[edit source]

Lenin here. I have just received your special letter. Stalin is away and I have not yet been able to show it to him. I think your plan is worth discussing. Can its final implementation be somewhat deferred, and the final decision taken after a special Central Executive Committee meeting over here? I shall show the letter to Stalin as soon as he returns.


2[edit source]

I should like to consult Stalin before replying to your question. A delegation of the Kharkov Ukrainian Central Executive Committee, which has assured me that the Kiev Rada is on its last legs, is leaving today to join you.


3[edit source]

Stalin has just arrived, I shall discuss it with him, and will shortly let you know our joint reply.


4[edit source]

Please inform Trotsky. Request arrange adjournment and return to Petrograd.

Lenin. Stalin.