Assignment to Secretary and Telephone Message to Nikolai Bryukhanov, October 31, 1921

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Send this telephone message to Bryukhanov

I have been informed that the collection of the tax in kind is proceeding with remarkable ease and speed in Orel and Tula gubernias, Preobrazhensky, who has been to Orel Gubernia, assures me that the whole tax in kind will be brought in within three weeks. Please let me know in a few words what your information is, and how frequently you have been receiving telegrams about the collection of the tax in kind. The model gubernias or uyezds will have to be specially rewarded.

What measures are being taken to concentrate the salt stock and also to see that the salt is not sold otherwise than for grain either in the RSFSR or the Ukraine. Perhaps we should also limit the issue of salt in the towns, to hamper the anarchic exchange of goods for salt.